New Eurofound report sheds light on social cohesion and well-being in Europe

In recent years, the EU has put increasing emphasis on the promotion of social cohesion as a central element for the improvement of quality of life for its citizens. With initiatives such as the Europe 2020 strategy, the social investment package and the European Pillar of Social Rights, the goal to promote fairer and more inclusive societies has taken centre stage. But is this EU goal hitting a home-run with EU citizens, or is the reality closer to a strike out?


publication date: 14-11-2018

Stuttgart's way of integrating migrants and refugees

At the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018, Stuttgart presented its model for integrating refugees. The focus is on a holistic approach based on integration of services made accessible and available to refugees while catering for their individual needs for integration in the city.


publication date: 31-10-2018

Cultural and well-being activities at heart of ageing population in Frankfurt

With Germany's population of over-60s set to grow from 27% to 39% in the next 30 years, finding new ways to overturn this negative image and experience and reduce the country's healthcare burden is vital. Promoting healthier and happier ageing and solidarity among communities are increasingly being seen as the cornerstones of improved quality of life.


publication date: 30-10-2018

Stuttgart is the second city to sign pledge to turn principles of the EU Pillar of Social Rights into action

At the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum, held in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018, Stuttgart became the second city to commit to turn the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights into concrete actions at local level. Stuttgart will invest €3 million a year to meet principle 17 on the inclusion of people with disabilities.


publication date: 30-10-2018

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The Dutch and Smart Cities: shaping the future by challenging today

From the 13th till the 15th of November, the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona kicks off! A Dutch delegation of companies, knowledge institutes and governments, including Amsterdam Smart City, visits the event as part of a Smart City mission. There will be more than 200 participants from the Netherlands. On Monday November 12th the business event ‘The Dutch & Smart Cities’ will take place. During this business event workshops, deep-dives and roundtable discussions will take...


start date: 12-11-2018
end date: 12-10-2018

Cities at the EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum in Stuttgart issue recommendations for a more socially sustainable Europe

The EUROCITIES Social Affairs Forum met in Stuttgart on 23-24 October 2018 to focus on the theme of 'Together for Socially Sustainable Cities: Anchoring the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve Social Rights for All'.


publication date: 26-10-2018

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REMOURBAN Smart City information packs

REMOURBAN is an EU funded Smart City project - with Nottingham (UK), Valladolid (Spain) and Tepebasi (Turkey) at its focus. The goal of the project is to develop a sustainable urban regeneration model that involves a set of concrete measures to help cities increase their resource and energy efficiency, improve the sustainability of their urban transport, and drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Here, you can find the website of the project REMOURBAN:...


publication date: 24-10-2018

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EUROCITIES launches citizen panels initiative

Following the success of our 'Cities4Europe - Europe for citizens' campaign, we are keeping dialogue about the future of Europe going by organising citizen consultations in 20 cities.


publication date: 22-10-2018

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Smart with a Heart: Bringing Together the Smart City Community in Stavanger

From 25-27 September 2018, the fourth Nordic Edge Expo & Conference took place in Stavanger, Norway. The Nordic Edge is an annual event showcasing the latest innovative solutions from the Smart City community and thus the ideal meeting place for the project partners of the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities programme. 4500 visitors from all across Europe and even beyond attended this three-day event to present outcomes, exchange knowledge and meet with project partners. Apart from...


publication date: 15-10-2018

Handbook for Critical Friend Review

The EUROCITIES Working Group on Social Inclusion through Education has been using the critical friend review methodology to guide its study visits and peer reviews for several years. Based on the experience gained over the years, the working group has developed a handbook for the critical friend review.


publication date: 09-10-2018