migration & integration

Cities have long been attractive destinations for migrants, and international migrants have become a common feature of European cities today. 

Successful migration policies work in two ways: ensuring that migrants are welcomed into the host society whilst also ensuring the host society’s services and policies are adapted to a diverse population.

Our working group on migration and integration works to gain recognition for the important role of local authorities in fostering migrant integration through a multilevel governance system.

We have a strong track record of mutual learning between cities on migrant integration, and our working group allows cities to share knowledge and exchange ideas.

We also helped to set up a European Commission database of good practices on integration policies, available here.

Since 2007, we have been leading projects for migration and integration in cities: INTI-Cities, DIVE, MIXITIES and most recently, ImpleMentoring launched in 2012, have received funding from the INTI-programme and the European Integration Fund.

Our series of Integrating Cities conferences, launched in 2006, are another opportunity for cities, national governments and the EU institutions to discuss migrant integration in cities.

We launched our Integrating Cities Charter in 2010 to encourage local authorities to ensure equal opportunities and non-discrimination for all citizens in their roles as policy makers, service providers, employers and buyers of goods and services. So far, 27 European cities have signed the charter, which is complemented by a process of monitoring and peer learning.

To find out more about our work on migrant integration, please visit our Integrating Cities website, www.integratingcities.eu.

EUROCITIES - city leaders agenda for Europe

EUROCITIES political manifesto ahead of the European elections


publication date: 12-03-2019

Join the Urban Academy on Integration of Migrants and Refugees on 21-22 May

The European Commission in collaboration with EUROCITIES is organising the 2nd edition of the Urban Academy on the Integration of Migrants and Refugees. This will take place in Antwerp on 21-22 May.


publication date: 11-03-2019

Urban Academy on Integration of Migrants and Refugees - 21-22 May, Antwerp

City representatives are warmly invited to take part in the Urban Academy on the Integration of Migrants and Refugees, which will take place in Antwerp on 21-22 May 2019.


start date: 21-05-2019
end date: 22-05-2019

Join our study visit to the education authorities in Barcelona on 24-26 April

EUROCITIES is organising a study visit to Barcelona on 24-26 April in the framework of its Working Group inclusion through education.


publication date: 08-03-2019

Register NOW for the policy transfer study visit to Toulouse on Roma access to housing

How can cities support Roma to move from camps into adequate housing? This is the theme that EUROCITIES is exploring during a study visit to Toulouse on 9-10 April to support policy transfer of promising city measures for Roma access to adequate housing.


publication date: 07-03-2019

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Mannheim citizens make recommendations on education, migration and economic development

Mannheim's panel event provided an opportunity for citizens to exchange views on the future of the EU and draw up suggestions on three important topics.


publication date: 04-03-2019

EUROCITIES launches new initiative of city pledges at the European Parliament

21 cities, representing more than 20 million citizens have presented their pledges to act on the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights through dedicated investments for city measures. In total, the 21 cities pledge to invest €4.32 billion to fight poverty and social exclusion over the next 5 years.


publication date: 22-02-2019

21 cities pledge to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights

Within the framework of our new EUROCITIES initiative 'Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City', 21 cities have adopted pledges showing how they act to translate the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights into actions to improve people's lives.


publication date: 19-02-2019

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Terrassa citizens' panel agrees recommendations on social rights

As part of our Cities4Europe campaign, Terrassa organised a citizens' consultation to develop recommendations, on social rights relating to housing and work, education and migration and governance and participation, which will be sent to the European Commission.


publication date: 18-02-2019

Tune in to view LIVE our event at the European Parliament on 21 February 2019

Do not miss out on the launch of our new EUROCITIES initiative ‘Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City’ in the European Parliament on 21 February from 10.00 - 12.30.


publication date: 18-02-2019