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Press release: Impact of the sharing economy in cities

EUROCITIES 2016 Milan on 16-18 November explored the impact of the sharing economy in cities.


publication date: 24-11-2016

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Pact of Amsterdam

The Dutch EU presidency secured an agreement on the Pact of Amsterdam, establishing an urban agenda for the EU, during the 30 May informal Council meeting on urban matters. This shows important political recognition of the role of cities in the EU, providing a new framework for their involvement in developing and implementing EU policy.


publication date: 03-08-2016


start date: 21-06-2016
end date: 22-06-2016

EUROCITIES contributes to FEANTSA 'Housing First in Europe' conference

EUROCITIES contributed to ‘Housing First in Europe’ conference organised in Brussels by European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) and the Belgian Public Planning Services on 9 June.


publication date: 14-06-2016

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European cities call for clarity on impact of TTIP at local level

European city leaders are calling for clarifications on several aspects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


publication date: 13-06-2016

EUROCITIES urban ageing working group, Tilburg, 22-23 September 2016

This meeting will focus on e-inclusion, ICT solutions and dementia-friendly environments. It will also look at implementation of WHO age-friendly environment tools


start date: 22-09-2016
end date: 23-09-2016

Lisbon hosts study visit on Housing First

On 25-27 May, the city of Lisbon hosted 60 participants in a study visit on Housing First, in the framework of our working group on homelessness.


publication date: 02-06-2016

Roma taskforce in Gdansk explores issue of evictions

Our taskforce on Roma inclusion met on 20-21 April in Gdansk to exchange experiences and discuss joint projects, including the future implementation of our charter on Roma inclusion.


publication date: 27-05-2016

EPC event report on 'Reception and integration of refugees - cities on the frontline'

The European Policy Centre has just published an event report for 'Reception and integration of refugees - cities on the front line', which EUROCITIES co-hosted on 4 April.


publication date: 23-05-2016

EUROCITIES event on affordable housing

Our event on affordable housing in European cities on 26 April was an opportunity to demonstrate how cities can use affordable housing policies to improve social cohesion, and to identify any obstacles cities face in implementing these policies in the first place. The event attracted 60 policy makers and other stakeholders.


publication date: 28-04-2016