Europe is facing high levels of unemployment and shortages of skills and the coming decades will see Europe’s workforce shrink due to its ageing population. There is a growing awareness of the need for reskilling, skills development and lifelong learning to better match the supply and demand of Europe’s labour market. 

Recent years have seen labour market responsibilities devolve from the national level to the regional and local levels. We have also seen the creation of new public-private partnerships in employment policies, and a rise of active labour market policies and ‘work first’ approaches.

The Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth sets the ambitious target to increase the employment rate in Europe to 75%, which demands better policies, better cooperation and better policies on education and life-long learning.

Our working group employment is a platform for cities to exchange good practices on local labour market policies. We work together with the EU institutions to profile the role local authorities play in shaping effective labour market policies and the importance of including cities in the governance of the European social agenda.

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start date: 22-02-2017
end date: 22-02-2017

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Report: Madrid Neighbourhood Employment Plans

We are glad to disseminate the report on the Madrid Neighbourhood Employment Plans initiative, which was the focus of a study visit in Madrid on long-term unemployment.


publication date: 21-02-2017

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Declaration on Work - main actions 2016

The EUROCITIES Work Declaration covers a range of issues related to job creation, employment and economic development.


publication date: 26-01-2017


start date: 23-02-2017
end date: 24-02-2017

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EUROCITIES at Invest in Youth Employment event

Discussions focused on the implementation and future funding of the Youth Guarantee and Youth Employment Initiative.


publication date: 16-12-2016

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Protecting quality jobs and skills in the sharing economy

We look at the outcomes of the roundtable discussion on quality jobs and skills at EUROCITIES 2016 Milan.


publication date: 13-12-2016

Tackling long-term unemployment with Madrid's Neighbourhood Employment Plans

Since the recent economic crisis there has been an increase in the rate of unemployment in Europe, especially among young people and the over 45s; with many from these groups being unemployed for more than one year.


publication date: 09-12-2016

EUROCITIES contribution to the consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights

EUROCITIES has finalised its report contributing to the European Commission’s consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights. EUROCITIES supports this initiative and recommends that:


publication date: 01-12-2016


publication date: 29-11-2016