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Social Rights for All: Cities are committed to deliver on the European Pillar of Social Rights

EUROCITIES adopted a statement to show the commitment of cities to deliver on the principles and rights enshrined in the European Pillar of Social Rights and to promote social rights for all citizens.


publication date: 19-10-2017

EUROCITIES report maps the situation of Roma in cities in Europe

EUROCITIES has conducted a mapping study in 23 large cities in Europe, which have big Roma populations. The findings from the mapping study are presented in a comprehensive report that reveals the situation of Roma inclusion at local level.


publication date: 17-10-2017

Commission’s work-life balance package expected to have a positive impact on cities

On 11 October, the Committee of the Regions organised a workshop to assess the potential impact of the Commission's work-life balance package on the EU’s cities and regions. EUROCITIES took part in this workshop together with two city representatives from Vienna and Malmo.


publication date: 16-10-2017

Democratic Cities

Democratic Cities is an international conference taking place in Madrid from 16-17 November. The event will cover topics such as citizens’ participation and engagement in the democratic process.


start date: 12-10-2017
end date: 12-10-2017

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EU Digital Cities Challenge launched

On 10 October 2017, during the European Week of Regions and Cities, the European Commission (DG GROW and DG REGIO) and the Committee of the Regions launched the Digital Cities Challenge. The Challenge invites cities in Europe to improve the life of their citizens through the development and implementation of digital policies.


publication date: 12-10-2017

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KSF - GDC conference: Imagine the Urban Future. Brussels, 23 January 2018

EUROCITIES Knowledge Society forum and the Green Digital Charter invite you to their annual event that looks to the trends, technologies and challenges that will shape the future European cities.


start date: 23-01-2018
end date: 23-01-2018

‘Co-creating a positive, common future’ - WG Creative Citizenship met in Madrid

The working group creative citizenship, chaired by Athens with Nantes as vice chair, was hosted on 5 and 6 October by the city council of Madrid It continued its exploration of successful practices aimed at connecting cities and its citizens, and at co-creating solutions to respond to local challenges.


publication date: 11-10-2017

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EUROCITIES at Urban Futures Global Conference

EUROCITIES is partnering with the Urban Futures Global Conference, taking place 28 February – 2 March 2018 in Vienna.


publication date: 09-10-2017

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Save the date: Blisscity – The Smart City Convention Germany - 21-22 November 2017

Blisscity [blisiti] is the first German smart city convention featuring seminal speeches on various challenges for urban infrastructure and society. Participants will have the opportunity to hear distinguished speakers from leading German businesses, industry associations, and international smart communities.


start date: 21-11-2017
end date: 22-11-2017

Working Group Roma inclusion meets in Cluj and visits community in Pata Rât

On 28-29 September, the working group Roma inclusion met in Cluj-Napoca to visit the Pata Rât community, the most important Roma community in Romania.


publication date: 04-10-2017