WG integrated urban development 22-23 March, Brussels

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House of Dutch Provinces, Rue de Treves 59-61, Brussels

Our integrated urban development working group will meet in Brussels on 22-23 March. They will review the policy framework on the evolution of the integrated approach to urban development in cohesion policy and look at the time frame for preparing the next EU budget and the post-2020 cohesion policy. They will take stock and assess the  projects implemented together in this field over the last five years. Based on the conclusions drawn, they will discuss the content of the working group's contribution to the upcoming policy debate. They will also discuss forward looking, strategic issues related to the working group.

You may find the proposed agenda below. Working documents will follow.

Please register to the WG meeting following this link: http://bit.ly/2l0fqqg

Please note that WG metropolitan areas will take place the succeeding day, Friday, 24 March. If you are interested, the afternoon of 23 March you are welcome to participate in the event "Metropolitan cities in the  future cohesion policy" organised jointly by the Committee of the Regions and Area Metropolitana de Barcelona. You may find a draft agenda below but you will need to register to the event separately via this link: http://bit.ly/2l192ix

We're looking forward to seeing you at the working group meetings.

   WD01 Draft agenda WGIUD 22-23 March 2017download/preview this file
    WD04 Note for policy input discussion WG IUDdownload/preview this file
    IUDincohesionpolicydownload/preview this file
    CoR/AMB event draft agendadownload/preview this file