WG cohesion policy and structural funds, 26 April 2017, Brussels

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Rue du Trône 62, 1050 Brussels

The working group cohesion policy will take place the 26 April in Brussels. The main aim is to discuss and agree on the main elements of the EUROCITIES policy paper on the cohesion policy framework beyond 2020. 

Members will receive an update from the European Commission on the ongoing study on urban and territorial strategies and the work on the urban dimension of post-2020 cohesion policy.  Partner organisations (CEMR, CPMR) representing European regions and municipalities will also share with us their position.The afternoon discussion will focus on how what sort of a policy framework (objectives, principles, management, instruments) EUROCITIES should propose for the post-2020 period that would best serve the efforts of cities to deal with their challegnes. 

Please find the detailed agenda and working documents below.

   WD01 Draft agenda WGCP 26 April 24042017download/preview this file
    Presentation CPMR 26042017download/preview this file
    Presentation WGCP 26 April 2017download/preview this file
    Presentation WG MA policy input 20170426download/preview this file