Social Investment in Cities: The Role of Cities in the Implementation of the Social Investment Package

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Cities play a crucial role in developing and delivering effective social policies. They are front-line providers of social schemes and coordinate projects between diverse organisations at local level. European cities are committed to providing integrated and quality social services to people to ensure their active inclusion into the labour market and society and to further social cohesion. In 2014 EUROCITIES established a Task Force on the Social Investment Package (SIP) to work specifically on the implementation of SIP priorities at the local level. As part of our work, we identify best practices on social investment from cities, facilitate mutual learning, and raise awareness amongst regional, national and European stakeholders on how to make the Social Investment Package work.

On 4 December EUROCITIES is organising an event in Brussels to discuss the role of cities in the implementation of the social investment package, as well as to publish the first set of best practices of cities implementing effective integrated social services at local level.

The event will include a high-level panel discussion on the implementation of the social investment package, and panel debates on combatting unemployment, reducing homelessness, and providing flexible childcare services. It will also include an evening networking reception. 

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