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From bio-waste to bio-based products: the potential for regional innovation development

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This event is organised by the European Commission Research and Innovation during the European Week of Regions and Cities.

From bio-waste to bio-based products: the potential for regional innovation development
11/10/2016 [11:15-13:00]
European Commission, Centre Borschette, Room 0C
Code: 11A26
The workshop aims at outlining the optimal use of bio-waste for the production of a wide array of bio-based products. This value chain represents a high potential for regional innovation development in order to attract new productive investments, boost a zero-waste circular economy at local level, reduce resources depletion as well as create jobs opportunities at local level.
The workshop will present the financial tools to be exploited on the waste value chain, notably through the European Commission’s research and innovation initiative (e.g. Bio-Based Industries JU).
It will also present some case studies of bio-refineries turning bio-waste into a profitable renewable raw material for added value bio-based products, thus fostering their regional growth. An example of the use of bio-waste at local level will be outlined by a member of the CoR.
·         Thorsten Hornung, Susteen technologies, General Manager
·         Julius Langendorff, European Commission, DG Environmenta, Deputy Head of Unit A.2 'Waste Management and Recycling'
·         Philippe Mengal, BBI JU, Executive Director
·         René Rozendal, Paques bv, Chief Technology Officer
·         Adrie Veeken, Attero BV, Research & Business Developer Bio-based
·         Waldemar Kütt, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Head of Unit F.2 'BioBased Products and Processing
Access to the EWRC 2016 is upon registration only. Note that no on-site registration will be accepted this year (more information).