European city seminar - New skills for an inclusive labour market

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Netwerkstad Twente- City of Hengelo and City of Enschede
Netwerkstad Twente- City of Hengelo and City of Enschede
The Netherlands
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This seminar in Netwerkstad Twente* will focus on the challenges related to the transitions in the economy and what Europe can do to help create employment opportunities.

Because of fast-changing technologies and innovations, our society and job requirements are changing rapidly. This leads to a different approach in how and what we are teaching our children to prepare them for the labour market of the future. Developments like our Technical Pact Twente, designed to introduce the youth to technical studies. And, for example, the LEGO Education Innovation Studio that creates educational programmes together with education experts and researchers from Twente. In the studio school children develop an interest for technical studies and jobs through play and experimentation with Lego.

Please join us on the 25-26 September 2017 so you can visit the Studio during the seminar.

By organising the seminar in Twente, we hope to match good practices, ideas and projects with those from other European cities, and to obtain broad inclusive solutions that can resist global economic changes. Our main goal is developing many career opportunities at all levels and it is very important to keep investing in jobs and skills. Together with the Province of Overijssel we continue to invest in our region so it can be an attractive region to study, live and work in. Our cities are ideally located at the German border, which offers opportunities for new cross-border labour market initiatives.

Programme: one of our key messages for the seminar will be that cities and regions play an important role as active partners in securing sufficient job opportunities for both high and low-skilled jobs, thus ensuring social and economic stability. Our cities want to organise site visits and workshops with the following themes for you:

  • Enhancing new skills needed for the fast-changing society and economy.
  • Ensuring that those with a distance to the labour market get a chance to be part of an inclusive labour market through skills and jobs that match.
  • Looking for opportunities cross border by opening up the labour market across the border where there is a shortage of employees.

With these themes, we hope to come closer to answering questions that are high on the priority list of all European cities. How do we open up jobs for those who have been unemployed for a long period of time, or those who would like to work more, or for disadvantaged youth? How do we connect education, and skills, to our economy and society, which is becoming more and more innovative?

According to recent data the European unemployment rate is slowly going down. However, cities need to continue their efforts in assisting their citizens to be employed in fair, suitable jobs and in providing support in developing skills for the fast-changing labour market.


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