EUROCITIES response to Clean Energy for all Europeans package

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In 2013, the world’s urban areas accounted for about 64% of global primary energy use(1), illustrating the crucial role that cities play in this transition. 

We are responsible for the implementation of European directives and policies. As the level of government closest to the citizens, we demonstrate that energy transition is possible and feasible. However, we also encounter several legal and societal barriers preventing further progress when seeking to speed up the energy transition at the local level. The clean energy package is an important framework under which the EU implements its Paris agreement obligations. Acknowledging the need for a well-functioning Emissions Trading System (ETS), effort sharing regulation and for long term post-2030 EU and national energy targets, there are several aspects in the package that should be revised.


[1] Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 - Towards Sustainable Urban Energy Systems

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