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Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, the CITYKEYS project aims to develop and validate a performance evaluation framework which will enable the comparison of smart city solutions across Europe.

During this first phase of the project, we need to gather information from cities on whether and how you make use of Performance Indicators, their current gaps for deployment and future needs around both the wider local smart city strategy, and in relation to individual smart city projects.

Attached, you will find two documents in PDF format (in order to view and complete them, it’s necessary to have the Adobe reader programme version 9(minimum), freely available at ).

The deadline to return the completed surveys is Friday 24 of April.

The first survey refers to the whole city and the city administration. City officers can reply on some parts or all the questions of the survey. A different approach would be to ask different departments of your city to input and contribute, but please make sure that only one questionnaire per cities is finally submitted back to us. In any case, please add the names and contact details of the people that contributed so that we can keep track and refer back if needed.

The second survey is aiming at your city’s main stakeholders and citizens’ associations. Using this survey, we try to identify what your citizens understand as a “smart city”, what they would like to see, what their priorities or ideas are. Ideally, each city should arrange a meeting with key stakeholders of the city (indicatively, stakeholders working with citizens, professional groups, NGOs, etc.) and try to fill in as many answers as possible. Combined with this approach, or as a complement, cities can ask the same key stakeholders for surveys, reports, publications, results from field work, etc. that they have available and that can be relevant to CITYKEYS survey.

In case you have questions regarding the file format or the content you are welcome to contact us at:
Nikolaos Kontinakis ( and Anja De Cunto (

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Nikolaos KontinakisSenior project coordinator

EUROCITIES staff contact

Anja Katalin De Cunto