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EUROCITIES report on labour market integration of refugees and asylum seekers

EUROCITIES has conducted a research on the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the labour market at local level. The report is based on the findings from 19 cities from 12 EU member states.


publication date : 03-01-2018

What role do cities play in social inclusion and welfare policies? - Policy brief for EUROCITIES

In 2017, EUROCITIES contracted an external expert to research the changing role of cities in designing and delivering social inclusion and welfare policies.


publication date : 22-12-2017

Cities' actions for the education of refugees and asylum seekers

Our new report looks at how cities are using education as a means to integrate refugees and asylum seekers.


publication date : 16-01-2017

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How can cities foster the integration of migrants and refugees through culture? Check our inspiration toolkit n°2

Our inspiration toolkit n°2 focuses on the role of culture in the integration of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. In the toolkit you will find a series of guidelines, case studies and interviews relevant for your city work.


publication date : 24-11-2016

World Refugee Day: open letter from EUROCITIES mayors to EU leaders

The leaders of 11 major European cities wrote to EU leaders on World Refugee Day (20 June) calling to refocus the debate at European level and better recognise the role of cities in the refugee situation.


publication date : 20-06-2016

Refugee reception and integration in cities

Our report is based on the findings of a survey carried out at the end of 2015 among EUROCITIES members. We collected informationfrom 34 cities in 17 EU member states and Norway.


publication date : 04-04-2016

EUROCITIES statement on asylum in cities

European cities located in arrival, transit and destination countries are experiencing the social, humanitarian and financial challenges of the current asylum crisis. On 13 May, we published our political statement on asylum. Our statement was developed by our working group migration and integration with input from all social affairs forum working groups. We stress the important role European cities play in receiving and integrating asylum seekers, refugees and other beneficiaries of...


publication date : 12-05-2015
policy publication

EUROCITIES statement on the Social Investment Package

The Social Investment Package (SIP) recommendations offer strategic guidance to member states on improving the effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of social policies. Our recommendations seek to ensure that the SIP will tackle social exclusion, rising poverty and increasing unemployment, especially amongst the young and the most vulnerable people in Europe – problems that are undoubtedly concentrated in cities.


publication date : 18-06-2013
policy publication

Cities and migrants: implementing the Integrating Cities Charter

This research highlights the city trends on migrant integration, particularly on how our members are implementing the Integrating Cities Charter.


publication date : 09-04-2013

EUROCITIES statement on the Asylum and Migration Fund

This statement makes recommendations for improving the impact of the future Asylum and Migration Fund on the ground by proposing more involvement from local actors as beneficiaries and in the governance of the funds.


publication date : 22-05-2012
policy publication