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Social Affairs Forum updates for November 2018 - March 2019

This document presents an overview of EU key policy and funding updates relevant to social affairs for the period November 2018 - March 2019.


publication date : 15-03-2019

EUROCITIES - city leaders agenda for Europe

EUROCITIES political manifesto ahead of the European elections


publication date : 12-03-2019

New EUROCITIES report: Cities delivering social rights

EUROCITIES published a new report mapping cities’ existing policy measures that are in line with the principles of the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Many cities already deliver inclusive social policies to promote social rights for all people even before the EU Social Pillar was adopted. However, we found that cities’ efforts are not always known or recognised at national and EU levels.


publication date : 08-02-2019

Social Rights for All: Roma inclusion at local level - report from EUROCITIES study visit to Timisoara

This is the report from the study visit that EUROCITIES organised to Timisoara on 12-14 June 2018. This activity is part of the EUROCITIES mutual learning programme for cities working on Roma inclusion at local level, which receives funding support from the European programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSi) under the strategic partnership with the European Commission DG EMPL.


publication date : 02-01-2019

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publication date : 04-12-2018

EUROCITIES report: Cities and Migrants 3 - the 3rd Integrating Cities Report

The sudden high arrivals of migrants and refugees in Europe in 2015 saw cities directly confronted with the challenge of reception and quick integration, in the context of a difficult political debate and lack of funding.


publication date : 30-10-2018

Policy Statement on the new Asylum and Migration Fund Regulation proposal

Reception and early integration measures will be key priorities in the future. Clearly, the proper integration of migrants and refugees must be supported by more funding, yet public budgets are restricted and EU funds are not easily accessible for city authorities.


publication date : 14-10-2018

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New EUROCITIES report on lessons learned from cities experiences with the European Social Fund in 2014-2017

EUROCITIES carried out a survey to examine the experiences of cities with ESF during the first half of the funding period 2014-2020. We analysed the ESF practices of 32 cities from 13 EU member states. The survey collected evidence on the implementation of ESF in cities between 2014-2017 directly from city authorities. The responses fed into a comparative analysis to identify trends across cities and map good practices.


publication date : 05-03-2018

EUROCITIES report on labour market integration of refugees and asylum seekers

EUROCITIES has conducted a research on the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the labour market at local level. The report is based on the findings from 19 cities from 12 EU member states.


publication date : 03-01-2018

What role do cities play in social inclusion and welfare policies? - Policy brief for EUROCITIES

In 2017, EUROCITIES contracted an external expert to research the changing role of cities in designing and delivering social inclusion and welfare policies.


publication date : 22-12-2017