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Webinar: ‘Incubating the future: Leeds’ programme for tomorrow’s creative leaders’

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Webinar ‘Incubating the future': Leeds’ programme for tomorrow’s creative leaders

In a webinar on Tuesday 13 March organised by Leeds City Council, the Cultural Institute at the University of Leeds and EUROCITIES, participants discussed ‘Incubating the future’ a creative development programme implemented in Leeds to help form future young creative leaders.

Cluny Macpherson- Chief Officer Culture and Sport from Leeds City Council introduced Leeds local context. Sue Hayton- Associate Director of the Cultural Institute at the University of Leeds- presented the Incubating the Future’ initiative.

Working with over 400 young people, the programme aims at creating opportunities and raising the aspirations of young people who may not think culture is for them. This initiative will create an infrastructure to better connect young people with creative innovators in Europe. It will offer a coherent cultural trail for young people to build the skills and experiences they need to become future cultural leaders.

This programme is at an early stage of development, so do not hesitate to share advices if you implemented a similar initiative in your city.

You couldn’t attend this webinar? Please find below the recording of this session.

To deepen the discussion, join us in the next Culture Forum in Dresden (25-27 April)!

See you in Germany!

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