Transport Summit DTU 2018

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Technical University of Denmark
Kongens Lyngby
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Your unique opportunity to meet key stakeholders from industry, public entities, researchers, entrepreneurs and students - and to discuss, engage and debate the latest development in transportation and transport innovation.

The overall topic of Transmit Summit DTU 2018 will be Rethinking Transportation.  There will be some well-known speakers such as followings:
MOSHE BEN-AKIVA Professor and Director of Intelligent Transportations Systems Lab, MIT, Presenting: Behavioral Aspects of Shared Mobility from
TODD LITMAN, Victoria Transport Policy Institute, Presenting: Autonomous Vehicle Implementation Predictions
WARWICK GOODALL, Global Mobility Team leader, Deloitte, Presenting: Smart Mobility and the Future of Mobility
Y.J. FISCHER, Hyperloop One, presenting: The Future of Transportation
The topics are:
·         Electric vehicles technical solutions
·         Future transport demand
·         Sustainable shipping
·         Smart city opportunities and challenges
·         Rethinking railways
·         Traffic safety
For further details you can have a look at the program