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Mayors committed to engaging and empowering their citizens are invited lay out their vision by participating in a themed debate at Stavanger Nordic Edge on 24 September.

To register click here (The debate is open to politicians only).

The session, ‘What’s in it for people when cities become smarter?’ will bring together political leaders (five speakers and about 50 city politicians and experts for the debate)  to discuss how they successfully engaged citizens, and allowed them to reap the benefits of a smarter city. The mayors will conclude their debate with a few key findings and recommendations for the future based on their joint insights. 

Session moderator: Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General EUROCITIES

16:30-16:45 Welcome and introduction

Welcome: Christine Sagen Helgø Mayor of Stavanger (tbc)

Introduction: Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General EUROCITIES

16:45- 17:15 Insights on citizen engagement and smart cities by politicians 


- Utrecht: Lot van Hooidonk, Vice Mayor Utrecht tbc

- Florence: tbc

- Bordeaux: Deputy Mayor- Florence Forzy-Raffard, Vice Mayor Bordeaux

- Stockholm: tbc

- Copenhagen: tbc

- Lisbon: Rui Franco, Councillor Lisbon

- Nantes: tbc

17:15-18:15 Debate with all invited mayors and agree on recommendation

18:15-18:30 Closing remarks

To get involved please click here to register.

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