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An opportunity is coming for urban experts to meet and enter discussion with the latest lighthouse cities

At the Stavanger Nordic Edge Expo, taking place in Norway on 25 September, a day long event will bring together city representatives from IRIS, STARDUST and MATCH-UP. They will present the solutions being piloted in their lighthouse cities, and replication possibilities in their follower cities. After getting to know the new lighthouse projects and their cities, a workshop will be facilitated by Bernadett Degrendele, smart cities project coordinator of EUROCITIES (Sharing Cities replication lead). You can bring your project, your dilemma and issues to get advice from other city experts who are implementing similar solutions. 

If you are ready, or getting ready, to implement smart city solutions, then the session ‘What can we do together for successful replication’ is meant for you. Through themed rounds of discussion, participants will exchange on their replication needs, and what they are in a position to offer. The result will be concrete action points that will facilitate real city-to-city cooperation.

So, if it’s time for your city to engage around the latest smart solutions, join us at ‘Leading the way to a smarter future.’

The programme is attached below.

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