European PES network: stakeholder conference on the 'Future of work'

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European PES network
NH Bloom Hotel - Brussels

A mutual learning event will take place in Brussels on 8 November 2018, organised by the European Public Employment Services network.

The world of work is changing, driven by technological developments, globalisation, demographic and societal change. This offers both new opportunities, including job creation and growth, but also challenges, such as the destruction of jobs and an increase in atypical forms of employment. While it is unknown what type of jobs will be performed by whom in the future, it is important that Public Employment Services (PES), together their partners, both understand the changes ahead and develop responses to these. 

The conference aims to enhance dialogue and partnership working to maximise the potential benefits from future changes in the labour market. It will bring together around 120 delegates: from Public Employment Services across Europe as well as European institutions and international organisations, private employment services, training providers, social partners, youth organisations, employers, research and representatives of education, health and social services. 
High-level speakers will take part to a number of discussion sessions; moreover, 6 workshops will be held throughout the day, focusing on various and hot topics in the field of work and employment.

The conference is an opportunity for dialogue and to build new partnerships between relevant labour market actors, identify areas for further development to address issues arising from rapid labour market change and to share good practice on how PES can best adjust their organisations to be well placed to deal with the challenges of the future of work.

A dedicated online ‘event space’ enables you to put forward nominees for the conference and access further information, including practical information on how to get to the venue and an Input Paper, that will be posted over time.

For more information, please take a look at the attachements, that include the full agenda of the event.

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