Economic Development Forum in Munich, 16-18 October

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Creative Cities: How urban transformation and innovation strategies stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship?

Unleashing the creativity of a city, especially in times of rapid transformation, strong competition as well as social, economic and environmental challenges, is becoming an essential policy priority for local administrations. New solutions to foster cooperation between public and private actors to solve problems are necessary to ensure a sustainable development, and to make sure that benefits are fully and fairly shared among all citizens. This becomes even more difficult as cities have to take into account the digital changes they are currently facing. It is expected that the deployment of 5G technology across the continent will make the transition even faster.


The EDF meeting in Munich will discuss and address these challenges with a fresh eye on how the public and private sector actors can cooperate to facilitate the development of disruptive new ideas for sustainability, while taking into account the collateral damages and resistance that disruption can cause. With creativity being a scarce and very valuable resource, during the meeting participants will also discuss how processes in bureaucracies can be shifted towards a more disruption friendly and goal-oriented environment in administrations.


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