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Creative competitive cities - building our future together EUROCITIES 2018 Edinburgh on 28-30 November will take place at a critical time for Europe, against the backdrop of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, and a year ahead of the European elections. In a turbulent world of unprecedented change and uncertainty cities are even more vital for Europe’s future, being the drivers of inclusive and sustainable growth, jobs and innovation.

At this decisive moment in Europe’s history, EUROCITIES 2018 Edinburgh will bring together participants from across Europe, from different levels of governance and amongst citizens, to discuss our future focusing on two interconnected strands:

Citizenship and democracy

While national governments continue to debate and make decisions on future national and institutional ties, cities will continue to reach out and build key bilateral and multilateral connections on a European and global scale.

Ahead of the European Parliament elections in 2019, EUROCITIES 2018 Edinburgh will be an opportunity for cities from across Europe to reinforce our position that EU institutions and member states must work with us, to empower citizens to engage with and understand the importance of the European project for all.

Within the EUROCITIES ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens’ campaign, we will be collecting, analysing and drawing up recommendations for active democratic citizens’ participation in all levels of government, and which we will also take forward to the European Commission and the European Parliament in our mayors’ summit 2019.

Edinburgh 2018 will provide us with the occasion to discuss and validate this evidence of cities’ engagement with citizens.

Culture – a smart investment for our future

Cities need creativity, collaboration and international connections to unlock solutions to urban challenges and to enrich the quality of life of their citizens and secure their future inclusion and prosperity.

Creativity and social innovation can help stimulate new solutions to address the challenges cities face, such as unemployment, climate change, political alienation.

During EUROCITIES 2018 Edinburgh we will explore how culture can build stronger ties between communities, bringing people together to learn from each other, broaden horizons and build relationships, opening up new ways of communication and understanding.

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