EUROCITIES 2017 Ljubljana - circular cities

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EUROCITIES 2017 Ljubljana will take place on 15-17 November and this year, our annual conference will focus on ‘circular economy’.

Our current levels of consumption exceed what our natural resource systems can produce, and we throw away more than we reuse or recycle, with tangible consequences for our environment and climate. Cities are responsible for implementing national and EU recycling targets and can play a crucial role in stimulating behavioural change relating to consumption patterns. As procurers of goods and services we can guide decisions towards more circular choices, and build local partnerships with businesses moving towards circular production models. How can we strive to become circular cities and support the UN sustainable development goal of ‘ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns’?

Ljubljana has achieved impressive results over the past 10 years through the implementation of a comprehensive zero waste strategy, which has proven a powerful driver for societal change. The city’s success is based on: strong political commitment and leadership; sound management; investment in ambitious infrastructure; collaboration with citizens; and an active communications strategy promoting reduction, reuse and responsible consumption to all citizens. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Ljubljana on 15-17 November.

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