Cities and Gender: empowering women in business and politics

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EUROCITIES, the Brussels offices of the City of Vienna and the Vienna Business Agency
Vienna House Brussels, Avenue de Tervueren 58, 1040 Brussels

European women networks and women working either in cities or city networks as well as experts from EU institutions come together to discuss in a “World Café” format to enable active exchanges.

The following questions will be discussed:

  • What can cities (city councils, business support organisations) and their networks do to empower women in business and politics?
  • What does EU policy, especially the EU Urban Agenda, contribute to gender equality?
  • How can we make women more visible – and listened to – in the Brussels bubble?
  • How to link up existing city initiatives with the European level and European networks?
  • Are we facing a downward trend of women’s emancipation (pay gap, women in leading positions, women in start-up community, etc.)?  What to do against this trend?
  • Increasing energy poverty and women’s role: how to face this problem in the current debate?

The event is organised by EUROCITIES, the network of large European cities, the Brussels offices of the City of Vienna and the Vienna Business Agency. Participation is reserved for women only.

The event is held under the patronage of Sandra Frauenberger, Executive City Councillor for Women´s Issues of the City of Vienna. 

Register by 1 March 2018:

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Michaela KauerHead of office

EUROCITIES staff contact

Sinead Mullins