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Big Public Buyers Meeting - 5 December 2018, Brussels

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European Commission

On 5 December the European Commission organise an event for expert related to the Big Buyers initiative on joint statements of demand, mainly around the ‘zero emissions constructions sites’ project. Scope and purpose:

The main focus of this meeting will be to get beyond the talk, and move into action and concrete preparations for our collaborative efforts on Zero Emission Construction Sites. 

To established the following:

which cities and regions will be onboard for this cross-border collaboration

a work plan for the long, medium and short term work required  

(including having mapped barriers, stakeholders and relevant funding sources – among others)

a smart way of organizing ourselves

Who will/ should attend? 

Representatives from cities/ public agencies working on environmental/ climate change issues & those involved in public procurement on a daily basis. A combination from each city is ideal. The registered participanst will receive some initial questions to prepare for prior to this meeting. 

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EUROCITIES staff contact

Aleksandra Olejnik