A Digital Presidency. Takeaways from Estonia's programme for a Digital Europe (Brussels, 14 Dec 2017)

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CEPS, Estonian Government
Arsenal, Chaussée de Wavre 950 1040 Brussels
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On 14 December, the Centre for European Studies and the Estonian Government will host a major event in Brussels to assess the progress of Estonian's programme for a digital Europe.

Estonia is synonymous with transparent and efficient e-services; and the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union aims to accelerate the implementation of a digital Europe by organising 50 different events and activities around digital issues.
Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas is scheduled to appear, and approximately 350 attendees will participate in a full day of speeches and workshops focusing on five themes:
  • the free movement of data 
  • e-government 
  • e-commerce 
  • smart economy
  • trust and security
The hope is that attendees will leave with a broad, all-encompassing view of how the emerging disruptive technology can improve the effectiveness of EU institutions and the well-being of EU citizens. Staff from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) will organise and moderate the panels, review the existing prospects and challenges in the various sectors covered, and offer short- and long-term policy recommendations.
The event will be web streamed to reach the largest possible audience. Each session will include one high-level keynote and an interactive panel discussion. CEPS staff will collect tweets and email submissions, which they will organise in the form of a wiki. The wiki will be then translated into a final policy brief.