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3rd meeting of the circular economy task force

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On 19th September, the EUROCITIES circular economy taskforce met in Brussels for the last time before the EUROCITIES Annual general meeting in Ljubjana in November on the topic. During the meeting European Commission officials from DG RTD and DG GROW, discussed the latest developments of the circular economy finance support platform, as well as the progress to develop circular economy EU indicators. During the afternoon the group discussed the content for the annual general meeting, including the contribution of case studies.  A few days after the meeting, EUROCITIES became one of the stakeholders selected to become part of the coordinating group of the circular economy stakeholders platform, steered by the European commission and the European economic social committee. The aim of the platform is to advance the circular economy concept in countries, regional and local governments, civil society and businesses, to strengthen the cooperation among stakeholders' networks to facilitate the exchange good practices and contribute to identify barriers to the transition towards a circular economy. 

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Joana Cruz