"Blockchain & Commons" workshop (Brussels, 23 Nov 2017)

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The Green European Foundation, Etopia
Place des Barricades 1 (4th floor), Brussels

The Green European Foundation is hosting a workshop about digital commons in Brussels, on 23 November 2017, with the support of their partner Etopia.


The commons are driven by citizens’ initiatives, including an increasing amount of digital opportunities as well as new technologies which have the power to transform democracy. This topic will be addressed in the upcoming workshop in Brussels hosted together with Etopia. The event is a part of our ongoing project Reclaim the Commons which aims to explore the transformative power of the commons, whilst involving the Greens and a wider audience around this topic.

Workshop in Brussels

This event will provide insights into the use of blockchain as a technology that reinvents the way citizens think and organise their exchanges. Beyond the most famous example of Bitcoin, employment contracts, insurances, our culture, and much more could be deeply impacted by this change in interaction between users and creators.
Can this technology be used as new common to pave the way for a better collective data management?  What about the future of public data and their transparency? And what are the potential dangers that need to be averted?
These intriguing questions will be discussed during our workshop together with:
  • tbc, Blockchain France

  • Olivier Roucloux, Consultant at Fenoryx


Time & Venue

The workshop will be hosted on Thursday, 23 November 2017, from 11.00 to 12.20 in the premises of Etopia in Brussels (Place des Barricades 1, 4th floor).


Please sign up by sending an email to: jonathan.piron@etopia.be