WG Urban Ageing and WG Barrier Free Cities joint policy transfer on building accessible cities for all ages (Ljubljana, June 12-14)

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Theme of the meeting
The silver medal winner of Accessible Cities and winner of the European Green Capital Award - Ljubljana has been developing its accessibility policies to ensure an equal participation in society for older people, as well as for people with disabilities. Ljubljana has mainstreamed accessibility for all ages in city’s development plans and has appointed a special advisory committee including older persons and persons with disabilities to contribute in city's policymaking process. The city has invested in creating outdoors spaces, buildings, transport and tourism that are accessible for older people and people with disabilities.  
EUROCITIES organsied a study visit to Ljubljana to learn in practice from the city's model of accessibility solutions for all ages. The aim was to build capacity of the participating city experts to learn, transfer and possibly replicate some of the inspiring practices from Ljubljana while adapting to the specific local conditions and target groups in their cities.
During the three days of the study visit, participating cities could:
  • Gain in-depth understanding and know-how from Ljubljana’s good practices on creating buildings, outdoors spaces and tourism accessible to all ages, by engaging in a mix of sites visits, presentations and discussion with key local stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Analyse the strengths, opportunities and challenges of the accessibility measures in Ljubljana to identify success factors and transferability factors
  • Map innovative approaches to build accessible cities in Europe and develop action plans for cities that want to address the challenge of accessibility for all ages based on the challenges presented by two transfer cities upon a EUROCITIES call: Berlin and Bologna 
  • Learn about the European Commission’s ‘Accessible Cities Award’ and ‘EU accessibility act’;
  • Develop a set of innovative solutions to build accessible cities in Europe in line with principle 17 and 18 of the European Pillar of Social Rights
Day 1 - Wednesday, 12 June
  • Welcome and introduction of the WGs;
  • Setting the context for mainstreaming accessibility for all ages in Ljubljana’s development plans;
  • Site visits: Buildings accessible for all ages: City Museum of Ljubljana and Outdoors spaces and tourism accessible to all ages: tour of the old town;
  • Reflecting on lessons learned from Ljubljana’s model of accessible public spaces for elderly;
  • European Commission presentation of the Accessible City Award and EU accessibility act
Day 2 – Thursday, 13 June
  • Workshop – Perspectives on addressing the existing challenges at local level.
  • Workshop - Design possible new and more effective responses to ensure accessibility for all ages at local level.
  • Common meeting of the WGs urban ageing and barrier free - city updates.
  • Separate business meetings of the two WG.
Day 3 – Friday, 14 June – open to members of WG urban ageing
  • ESPON ACPA – Adapting European Cities to Population Ageing: policy challenges and best practices - Steering Committee Meeting
  • Workshop on the opporuntities for GIS-based information on accessibility 
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