SEiSMiC: Contributing to urban research strategies

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The SEiSMiC project on urban research is beginning its implementation phase in 10 participating countries

We are partners in SEiSMiC (Science Engagement in Society – Mutual learning in Cities). This project aims to promote citizen engagement to identify social innovation needs in urban development, and to contribute to future urban research strategies.

The project started in November 2013 and is currently at the end of its inception phase, ready to be fully implemented in the 10 participating countries.

The main objective of SEiSMiC is to set up 10 national networks to engage society in urban research. The participating countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

These networks will include: civil society organisations; the media; schools and universities; scientific associations; museums; science centres; research funding organisations; industry; businesses; and policy makers. Bringing these networks together for a structured dialogue will build a bridge between society and the scientific community working on urban research. 

The first meeting dates are:

  • Austria: 25-26 September

  • Belgium: 26-27 June

  • Czech Republic: 30 May

  • Germany: 16 October

  • Hungary: 16-17 July

  • Italy: 14-15 July

  • Netherlands: 24 June

  • Sweden: 20-21 August

  • Turkey: 7-8 August

  • UK: September (tbc)

For more information or to participate in one of the meetings, please contact Soraya Zanardo at the EUROCITIES secretariat.  You can also visit the SEiSMiC website: