GDC webinar on data management and privacy in smart cities

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Daniel Sarasa of Zaragoza City Council and Antonio Kung of Trialog (EIP-SCC 'Citizen Focus' action cluster) spoke about data management, data protection standards, and privacy-by-design in a one-hour webinar held on 26 April.

Through smartphones and apps, IoT sensors and networks deployed all over public spaces, cities are a fertile ground for generating data beneficial for the public good. Crowdsourced data enable municipalities to improve their decision making processes and provide better public services, from waste management to traffic prediction and energy-efficient buildings.

Nonetheless, protecting citizens’ privacy is a concern that must be addressed in Europe’s smart cities. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) reinforces data protection rules in Europe, and will impact all organisations collecting and processing data, including local authorities.

One year before the GDPR’s entry into force, the Green Digital Charter/GuiDanCe project decided to deliver to cities guidelines on how to deal with privacy concerns in an open data strategy. Co-organised with the ESPRESSO project on 26 April, speakers in this webinar discuss how data management processes and use of privacy-by-design standards are key to building trust and resilience in smart cities.

The recording of this webinar is available on the Green Digital Charter YouTube channel (


Daniel Sarasa, smart city programme manager, Zaragoza City Council, presented ‘Guidelines on urban big data sharing’ (full text available here).
Co-author of Zaragoza’s ‘Open government strategy 2012-2015’, Daniel contributes to the CITYkeys project. He regularly writes (in Spanish and English) on his blog

Antonio Kung, CTO of IT consulting company Trialog, presented ‘Guidelines on privacy management in smart cities’ (click here to download).
Partner in the EIP-SCC ‘Citizen Focus’ action cluster, Antonio chaired a series of workshops aimed at defining measures supporting the implementation of the GDPR.

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