Europe’s cities key to 2020 objectives

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City leaders meeting in Munich have called for strategic and effective partnerships with the European Commission and Parliament.

Meeting for a private political session on 7 November during EUROCITIES 2014 Munich, city leaders stated that unless Europe works in close partnership with its cities and recognises their full potential, it risks missing its 2020 goals.

Mayors and politicians from major European cities said that greater involvement of cities in the formulation of the policies that impact on their citizens would mean they are better suited to the needs on the ground. The discussions took place as the new Commission is beginning work in Brussels to get the EU back on track to deliver on Europe 2020.

Johanna Rolland, mayor of Nantes (pictured), takes over from Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, mayor of Warsaw as EUROCITIES president today (7 November).

Speaking during the conference, Johanna Rolland said: “We have seen an impressive level of engagement from city leaders here in Munich. They are committed to tackling some of Europe’s major challenges, many of which are the same as those we face in our cities on a daily basis around climate, social inclusion and economic development. The solutions we are developing in our cities can benefit Europe as a whole.”

With 75% of Europe’s population living in cities, they are where challenges are concentrated and opportunities arise. That’s why the call for an EU urban agenda is gathering speed. We are proposing a practical and coherent approach that directly involves cities in designing and implementing the policies that impact on their citizens.

Find out more about our proposals for an EU urban agenda in our policy paper at the link below. 

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