EUROCITIES smart cities: energy management in school buildings, Genoa

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Through its involvement in the VERYschool project, Genoa is piloting an energy saving scheme in a school building.

The EU-funded VERYschool project aims to integrate smart LED lighting, smart metering, building energy management systems, energy simulation and energy management software tools into a platform called the Energy Action Navigator. This approach is being tested a four pilot locations in Europe, including Genoa.

The Energy Action Navigator is a software tool that integrates mature (existing) hardware and software, monitoring and control systems (air conditioning and lighting), as well as energy simulation and action management tools that meet the ISO 50001 international energy management standard. The tool is intended to be easy to use and install and return on investment is expected within a maximum of three to five years. In Genoa’s case, the project will also seek to monitor electricity and thermal energy consumption and assess the condition of the affected buildings (e.g. insulation, windows) to enable the planning and coordination of future interventions and investments.

The pilot test carried out at a school in Genoa resulted in savings of up to 33% in electricity costs and up to 20% in heating costs.

You can find out more about this initiative in ‘European smart cities using ICT’, a collection of case studies from Green Digital Charter signatories available here.

Or you can visit the VERYschool website at

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