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Malmo is saving money and energy by investing in greener ICT products and solutions.

As a signatory of the EUROCITIES Green Digital Charter since 2010, Malmo has committed to decreasing the direct carbon footprint of its ICT infrastructure by 30% by 2020. The city’s green ambitions were nationally recognised in 2013, when Malmo reached the impressive level of 98% of environmentally-labelled ICT products. New higher standards for the green procurement of ICT products introduced by the city in 2012 are estimated to be saving Malmo over €500,000 each year.

For several years now, Malmo has been making decisions on a lifecycle perspective when purchasing ICT products and solutions, such as desktop and laptop computers, network printers and monitors.

Energy and resource optimisation are key considerations for Malmo when choosing a supplier. The city avoids purchasing any equipment that contains hazardous materials or that were produced in an unethical manner. Malmo will only purchase products that come with recognised third party environmental certifications, such as those of Germany’s Blaue ENgeln or TCO Development. today, over 90% of the products used by the city of Malmo are environmentally certified. Between 2010 and 2014, the related expenditure decreased by the equivalent of €535,000 each year.

The digitalisation of Malmo city administration has made a big contribution to energy and resource optimisation and has produced economic and environmental benefits. Several projects are currently in the pipeline to support the city’s further development. Malmo is in talks with Atea, its chosen ICT supplier and logistics partner, on ways to manage its digital assets in a sustainable way.

This case study was originally published in ‘European smart cities using ICT’, a collection of case studies from Green Digital Charter signatories available here


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