EUROCITIES Environment Forum meeting: Building Resilient Cities: from Challenges to Opportunities - Genoa, Italy - 3-5 April 2019

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The spring EUROCITIES Environment forum entitled ‘Building Resilient Cities: from Challenges to Opportunities’ will take place in Genoa, Italy, from3 to 5 April.
This forum aims to improve understanding of what challenges cities face and what it means to be a climate resilient city. By assessing different resilience strategies from cities across Europe, participants will discuss, what aspects of these strategies can be transferred and replicated in other cities, as well as discussing possible barriers and solutions. Deep-dive session will explore risk assessment, reflections on how to make the whole community resilient and techniques to create stakeholder partnerships to build resilience at the city level. We will also have a session dedicated to the key issue of including preservation of cultural and natural heritage in cities resilience strategies.
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See you in Genoa on 3 to 5 April 2019!
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