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EUROCITIES Economic development forum meeting - Grenoble

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The next meeting of our economic development forum will focus on cities’ international economic cooperation and will take place on 17-19 October 2018 in Grenoble.

Urban societies are more and more facing global challenges which have a strong impact on management of local economic development.This internationalisation is challenging for the local development strategies, which have to face new issues (migrants, security, climate change, digitalization, economic competition) or to look further for new opportunities (markets, investments, scientific partnerships) and solutions (projects and case studies).In this context international, European and national frameworks tend to give to cities greater capacities to act at international level (eg: Sustainable Development Goals, European calls of projects, metropoles in France, etc.), especially as a support for local stakeholders (companies, universities, associations) but also to develop its own attractiveness and resilience capacity to global changes. In this framework some of them have adopted explicit strategies, others not.