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EU Clean Mobility Package published!

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The Clean Mobility Package was published on 8 November 2017:
At the same time as the international climate conference in Bonn, the European Commission launches a package of proposals with the aim to become the world leader on the shift towards clean cars, and to achieve the EU's agreed commitments under the Paris Agreement.  The proposals should also boost European industries in the field of innovation, digitisation and decarbonisation.  The Package covers the following:
1)      Post-2020 CO2 standards for cars and vans: to accelerate the transition towards low and zero emission vehicles, the proposal includes targets for both 2025 and 2030. Proposed 2030 targets are weaker than expected, while the 2025 intermediary targets are a positive step to ensure investments kick-start already now.  Both for new cars and vans, the average CO2 emissions will have to be 30% lower in 2030, compared to 2021; with an intermediate target of 15% for 2025.  The Zero Emission Vehicle objective is only voluntary.
2)      Clean vehicles: The revision of the Clean Vehicles Directive should help cities to procure cleaner cars and further deploy clean mobility
3)      Alternative Fuel Infrastructure: An action plan and investment solutions for the trans-European deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure should support Member States in being more ambitious with their national plans and boost investments
4)      Combined Transport: The revision of the Combined Transport Directive should promote the combined use of different modes for freight transport
5)      Access to market for coach and bus services: The Directive on Passenger Coach Services aims to stimulate the development of bus connections over long distances across Europe and offer alternative options to the use of private cars
More detailed information in form of briefing notes on the key proposals will follow soon.  We will continue to work with the European Commission, co-legislators and other mobility all stakeholders to ensure the Clean Mobility Package helps cities to meet their air quality targets and provides them with the right tools and flexibility to implement their clean mobility strategies.  To do so, please join us at a EUROCITIES Workshop on the Clean Mobility Package, in Brussels on 12 December.  The draft agenda is under this link (login required). This one day workshop will be the opportunity to hear about the Package from the European Commission (DG MOVE) and from other mobility stakeholders.  We would then like to invite you to help us identify issues for cities, in view of drafting a network position over the next few weeks.
The Clean Mobility package is the second mobility package that the Commission launches this year.  'Europe on the Move' was presented on 31 May 2017.  It included initiatives on smart road charging, road safety, CO2 emissions reduction, air pollution and congestion, etc.  A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility was also published by the European Commission in June 2016. It outlined actions contributing to the Energy Union goals and set guiding principles to Member States to prepare for the future. The European Parliament also drafted its own-initiative report on a European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility, which got adopted in the Transport Committee mid-October.  EUROCITIES’ advocacy work on the latter successfully ensured that the EU’s proposal on smart road charging allows cities to apply road charging policies that best suit their needs.  
For more info: Vanessa Holve, policy advisor and project coordinator: