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Apply now for EU grants on social innovation

The European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF) is an initiative designed to have significant impact on some of Europe’s most pressing social challenges. The objective of the ESCF is to bring together public and private resources to improve social services to enable people who need support to live as valued and participating members of their communities.


publication date: 23-03-2020

Rotterdam pledges to support equal opportunities and active support to employment

Rotterdam joined the EUROCITIES campaign ‘Inclusive cities for all’ with two city pledges to deliver equal opportunities and active support to employment, principles 3 and 4 of the European Pillar of Social Rights.


publication date: 10-03-2020

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Cities are leading the way to gender equality

Ahead of the International Women’s Day on 8 March, the European Commission announced the first-ever Gender Equality Strategy at EU level.


publication date: 06-03-2020

EUROCITIES meets Commissioner Dalli to discuss working together on equality and inclusion

On 25 February, our chair of the Social Affairs Forum and deputy mayor of Malmo, Sedat Arif, together with EUROCITIES secretary general, Anna Lisa Boni, and senior policy advisor, Bianca Faragau met with Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, to discuss how cities and the European Commission can work together to strengthen inclusion and equality.


publication date: 25-02-2020


publication date: 18-02-2020


publication date: 11-02-2020

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Cultural heritage, social and economic returns

Cultural heritage in cities, while valuable in itself, is also something that can yield major social and economic dividends. In this webinar, we will hear from three expert practitioners from Europe, Turkey and China on how cities can leverage tangible and intangible heritage for more cohesive societies and increased attractiveness for business and tourism.


start date: 06-02-2020
end date: 06-02-2020

Join EUROCITIES initiative 'Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City'

Is your city pursuing inclusive policies? Do you work to ensure social rights for all people in your city? Then join our initiative 'Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City’.


publication date: 13-01-2020


start date: 06-05-2020
end date: 08-05-2020

Working group migration & integration: Amsterdam meeting highlights

Counter narratives on migration was the topic of the meeting of the EUROCITIES working group migration & integration held in Amsterdam on 13-14 November. Read on for a summary of the event's discussions about different approaches and narratives in the context of migration, best practices and funding mechanisms for action at local level.


publication date: 05-12-2019