The members of this group are committed to fighting discrimination and exploitation and fostering the inclusion of Europe's biggest minority through the exchange of experiences between cities and raising awareness of cities' importance within in the EU framework and national Roma inclusion strategies


  • exchanging good practice on Roma inclusion

  • raising awareness of the city perspective on EU mobility and Roma inclusion within EU institutions and the national contact points for integration of Roma

  • influencing EU policy on non-discrimination and management of intra-EU migration

  • building east-west cooperation on Roma inclusion in cooperation with the Open Society Foundations

  • securing funding to help cities improve their policies on Roma inclusion

  • addressing the exploitative dimension of Roma exclusion

The task force works in partnership with the European Foundation Centre's Forum on Roma inclusion with the aim of achieving concrete improvements for Roma in cities.


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working group chair

Jan Balliu
Policy Coordinator - Intra-European Migration


EUROCITIES staff contact

EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Ana Feder
Policy advisor

EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Thomas Jezequel
Policy advisor

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