Our environment forum supports cities in their efforts to bring about a better environment and work towards achieving sustainable development by sharing knowledge and expertise

For people living in cities, a good quality of life depends largely on the quality of the urban environment. Europe's cities are striving to provide citizens with clean air, safe water and a healthy habitat, including plenty of trees, parks and green spaces. 

Cities also play an active role in helping to stabilise the global climate and adapt to the inevitable consequences of climate change.

Working within our environment forum, our members are formulating practical and innovative ways to integrate environmental considerations into local decision making and urban planning processes.

Our environment forum also works with the EU institutions and national governments to ensure that European environmental legislation and programmes can be implemented successfully at local level, in order to both improve the urban environment and protect the global environment.

2014 priorities:

Sustainable, resource efficient economy

  • Following up on the recent changes in (green) public procurement rules.

  • Following up the European Union’s review of the waste legislation

  • Following up on the European Union's Seventh Environmental Action Programme, including the development of strategies on urban environment, including issues such as urban transport, air quality, and the prevention and recycling of waste, and impacts of chemical substances 

  • Exchanging best practices on efficient, beneficial and balanced cooperation with large private companies

Healthy environment:

  • providing input to the review of EU air quality policy and noise legislation

  • addressing challenges associated with public health and quality of life, such as air quality, noise, water, waste, green areas, cleanliness and others

Climate change:

  • Addressing the challenges associated with global climate change, including anticipating the potential consequences of climate change, including heat, and developing effective adaptation measures with a focus on extreme heat and flooding, as well as continuing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Exchanging best practices on energy efficiency with a focus on sustainable building refurbishment 
  • Exchanging best practices on smart cities with a focus on ICT and energy, including smart grids, and exploring the city needs when it comes to new norms and standards


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James Mckay
cabinet member for Social Cohesion, Equalities and Community Safety



vice chair

Nice Cote d Azur
Veronique Paquis
deputy mayor responsible for research, sustainable development, environment and new technologies



EUROCITIES staff contact

EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Michael Klinkenberg
Policy advisor

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