What are your priorities for a better Europe?

Following the success of our ‘Cities4Europe – Europe for citizens’ campaign, EUROCITIES is keeping the dialogue on the future of Europe going by organising citizen consultations in 20 of our member cities.

Residents in the participating cities will debate different subjects and come up with three recommendations to build a better Europe.

After each consultation, we will open a poll, asking people from across Europe to vote for their top priority out of the three recommendations.

Once all 20 consultations have taken place, the final 20 recommendations will be put to your vote, and you will have the opportunity to select your top five priorities.

In March 2019, we will be presenting the outcome to European officials, as part of our 2nd mayors summit on the future of Europe.

The cities hosting a consultation are: Amiens, Amsterdam, Braga, Cluj-Napoca, Ghent, Gijon, Glasgow, Hamburg, Heraklion, Leipzig, Lille, Lublin, Mannheim, Munich, Nantes, Oulu, Riga, Strasbourg, Terrassa, Turin and Utrecht.

Give a voice to your future! Follow the process through #cities4Europe @EUROCITIEStweet

List of consultations

  • Lille, 5 November 2018, Air quality. Read the report here. Vote your top recommendation here 

  • Amiens, 3 December 2018, Future of Europe

  • Lublin, 8 December 2018, Migration. Read the report here. Vote your top recommendation here

  • Riga, 12 December 2018, Social rights and Civic participation. Read the report here. Vote your top recommendation here

  • Munich, 24 January 2019, Economic development, Security & Education. Read the report here. Vote your top recommendation here

  • Glasgow, 26 January 2019, Economic development. Read the report here. Vote your top recommendation here

  • Terrassa, 5 February 2019, Social rights

  • Heraklion, 9 February 2019, Cohesion policy, Education and Social rights

  • Hamburg, 11 February 2019, Sustainability

  • Ghent, 12 February 2019, Social rights & Environment. Read the report here. Vote for your top recommendation here

  • Oulu, 14 February 2019, Investing in future digital transition

  • Strasbourg, 14 February 2019, Environment

  • Turin, 15 February 2019, Technology

  • Utrecht, 19 February 2019, Health

  • Amsterdam, 25 February 2019, Investing in future digital transition

  • Mannheim, 27 February 2019, education, migration, economic development 

  • Nantes, 28 February 2019, Environment and Health

  • Cluj-Napoca, 28 February 2019, Cohesion policy